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The annual Kazlaw Community Award began in 2010.  Started by Marc Kazimirski, who is a former racer that believes in giving opportunity to those that give back.  (This contest is only open to BC residents)KazWinnerPoster


the 2014 finalists are:


Dave Sutton


Carey Mark


Joel Harwood



Ryan Hamilton



Buchanan Elliot



Bob Stanhope


BC Bike Race Launches the 5th Annual Kazlaw Community Award

Vancouver B.C. - BC Bike Race the 'Ultimate Singletrack Experience' and Kazimirski Law Corporation are giving away one entry to the 2014 BC Bike Race, currently 'SOLD OUT'.  The Kazlaw Community Foundation is providing One spot at the BC Bike Race 2014 for someone who make mountain biking happen in their community.

Who Makes Mountain Biking Happen in Your Town? Who makes mountain biking happen in your town? (BC Residents only)

We're asking you to nominate a deserving rider in your community; someone you feel has earned this award!  Could be a trail builder, a volunteer, a young deserving rider, an organizer of a community club and the list goes on.  Submit nominations by sending 500 words and a picture to karen@bcbikerace.com

Contest Details:
Open for submissions Feb 13th
Closed for submissions Feb 28th
Voting Opens March 4th
Voting Closes March 18th
Winner Announced March 24th

Marc Kazimirski is a passionate cyclist, a former Canadian national team member and a successful personal injury lawyer in Vancouver BC. Marc is a cycling advocate and the Kazlaw Community Mountain Biking Award is meant to support cycling in your community.

More info on Kazlaw - http://www.kazlaw.ca/

Photo Credit: Dave Silver

Rules: Once voting opens on March 4th, you must "like" Kazlaw facebook page to vote and you will only be allowed one vote. Voting will close on March 18th at 12:00pm PST. Entries are only valid for the 2014 BC Bike Race and are non-transferrable.