Welcome to the West Coast Mountain, lush rain forests and our unique handmade mountain bike trails. It is these lovingly crafted singletrack gems that have created such high demand for the BC Bike Race 7 day stage race.

With our inclusion of Enduro timed sections, we are highlighting some of our favorite trails and hope to key riders into predominantly fun downhill sections. BC Bike Race will be hosting 6 special segments throughout the race week for the third consecutive year, one per day for the first six and one on the final day.

BC Bike Race 2011 Race Map

BC Bike Race

The Journey of BC Bike Race is More Than a Race...

Day 0 - North Vancouver Day 1 - Cumberland Day 2 - Cambell River Day 3 - Powell River Day 4 - Earls Cove and Sechelt Day 5 - Langdale Day 6 - Squamish Day 7 - Whistler