BC Bike Race

Day Five - July 2nd, 2015 BC ferries no tag

Race North Vancouver - Sleep in Squamish

The BC Bike Race is happy to announce that North Vancouver, home of the infamous North Shore trails, will host the stage 5 for 2015.  The Legendary North Shore is back, with it's regular ladder bridges, roots and rocks but now with an all new flavor "pump flow".

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BCBR 2015 Day 5

This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk.










The course leaves Lynn Valley headed to the Seymour Demonstration forest then south via Richard Juryn (west side), and crosses over to the Greenway behind Capilano University. A small detour on the Seymour Park way, then climbing up Riverside Dr. via Baden Powell to Blue Ridge we find our way to mid Bridal Path. Heading to the old Buck parking lot for Aid 1 we then climb to the Baden Powell under the power lines. A new upper Severed awaits your tires as you bite into some serious new school flow. At the end of the new section we turn right and head into some old school rock and root heading down the Baden Powell, across old After Taste to the power lines, down briefly and left into Forever After. This trail represents a combination of natural and flow where countless hours of sweat equity have been poured into this gem to bring it up to the new standards of a modern trail, but it's not easy, or completely down, you have to work for this one. From the high point we continue to undulate across the Bridal Path into High School, looping back up to Bridal we turn left and head across to the Hyanis descent and a new neccessary stair hike made mandated by the recent rock slide (winter 2015). This will bring you back up to the Richard Juryn trail (east side) and back to Lynn Valley.

The next leg of your journey will see some serious climbing as we head up to Fromme Mountain and the all new refashioned trail, Expresso. Expresso has recently been refurbished from top to bottom by the legendary trail builder Todd Fiander a.k.a Digger. This is the epitome of 'pump flow', enjoy yourself as you make your way back to Lynn Valley and the finish of Day 1.