Who makes Mountain Biking Happen in our Town?  One name jumps to mind; Darryl Ketter!

Mountain biking simply doesn’t happen without trails to ride on!

Darryl Ketter is an expert mountain biker; and, but most notably, Darryl is a passionate trail builder in the community of Kamloops, BC. Darryl has hand-built over 50 kms of single-track trails for the Kamloops riding community over the last 8 years. He is a top-notch athlete, expert rider and he is a constant challenger, toppling many KOM Strava times and setting a standard for locals to work towards – even those half his age.  It’s a mystery as to where he finds the time to ride and maintain his level of fitness, while still volunteering many, many hours to the creation of new trails. His outstanding trail work and design is the talk of many a post-ride tailgate session amongst locals and visitors alike.

There is surely not a mountain biker in Kamloops or the surrounding area that has not heard of Darryl Ketter. He is an active member of the Kamloops Mountain Bike Community, helping lead group rides and lending his expertise to trail advocacy groups and land managers. His trails are prolific in the area and become fast favourites for riders.  Darryl has the utmost respect for our sensitive grassland environment in the southern interior of British Columbia. He builds with minimal impact and makes use of natural trails and access points used by wildlife and grazing cattle. His trails are erosion resistant and require very minimal maintenance. He is a master at creating rideable climb trails, even on steep terrain, and efficiently using space for the maximum amount of rideable trail.  He instinctively realizes trail ratings and is able to build intermediate to expert level trails from start to finish as required. He is building a legacy of single-track trails for our community to enjoy for years to come.

Darryl is a selfless volunteer, who shirks the limelight and instead chooses to extend gratitude to others who assist him in his efforts. He absolutely deserves the opportunity to compete for an entrance to the BC Bike Race.  I am confident that our entire riding community will applaud his nomination, vote for his entry and cheer him on while he races!

Please consider Darryl Ketter for a nomination into the BC Bike Race for 2019.  He is so deserving of this award!