I would like to nominate Kevin Brown out of Nanaimo, BC for the 2019 Kazlaw Contest.

Kevin Brown has been an integral part of making mountain biking happen in Nanaimo for over a decade.
Known locally for developing some of the fastest and most sought-after trails the region has to offer, his attention to detail, commitment to maintenance, and outstanding trail design is appreciated by everyone on two wheels.
Kevin served on the Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club board from 2008 - 2018 as a trail director. Despite stepping down from the board in 2018, he’s as active as ever in helping to maintain our network. When the windstorm devastated Nanaimo in December, Kevin was out nearly every single day, torrential rain or shine, to safely remove fallen trees and debris. At trail builds, he’s always eager to share his knowledge and expertise with those who are keen to learn. Kevin has been an outstanding member of Nanaimo’s mountain biking community for years and deserves this opportunity. Thank-you Kevin for your many years of support!