We would like to nominate Sue Duxbury for the Kazlaw Award. Sue has been active in the Sunshine Coast mountain bike community since her kids were old enough to race 20 years ago. Filling many roles that we mountain bikers, take her endless energy for granted, Sue gives her heart out as a coach, race organizer, commissaire, trail builder and volunteers in many organizations. We highlight the following accomplishments in her storied career

  • Sue has volunteered in every BCBR since its inaugural start. Now working as a co-stage director for the BCBR stages on the Sunshine Coast. Starting in May, she is out on the stage trails every weekend, brushing, digging, building, marking, and raking making the Sunshine Coast the most memorable stages for the racers.
  • Sue is the race director of the Sunshine Coaster (now branded as the Coaster 50), this race is one of the longest running active cross country MTB race and going on its 20year. This year, she will be stepping down as director after the race in May, but we know that she won’t be far away!
  • Sue is a CyclingBC Commisaire which is one of the most thankless jobs at any UCI sanctioned events. Everyone needs to thank them when they race in a BC Cup/Canada Cup.
  • Sue is a long time Search Manager of the Sunshine Coast Land Search and Rescue. Giving up her Tuesday nights, and many weekends for training, she is married to her pager in case some dumbass in light outdoor wear, gets lost and she helps to find them and get them home safe. Plus injured Mountain Bikers have used SAR in numerous occasions to lift, push, pull or drag them to safety. Be rest assured, that Sue is there to help!
  • Sue is a volunteer groomer at the Dakota Ridge Ski Recreation Area. I cannot count the number of times she goes out late evenings or early mornings to groom the runs for the skiers.
  • Sue is a volunteer with the Tetrahedron Ski Club whose club maintains the ski trails and cabins in the Tetrahedron Park.

We do not know where she gets her energy from or her time, but we are forever grateful for her contribution to mountain biking on the Sunshine Coast. Thank you, Sue, and hopefully, everyone else will see you as deserving of the Kazlaw Award and as a little recognition of our MTB community giving back to you!