I’d like to nominate Trevor May for the Kazlaw Award this year.

Trailforks is Trevor’s baby. As we all know and use this app, Trailforks has done many many amazing initiatives for trail users and associations around the world with one of its main purposes to make the user experience for people on trails everywhere better.

Trailforks does not need any introductions anymore, but here is the ‘about’ section with some background: https://www.trailforks.com/about/

Trevor is an incredibly passionate rider himself. He’s a kind, soft-spoken person and modest about the work he has done. He loves riding in all different places and terrains and with all sorts of people. He is (or has been) for years a leader of the local group: North Shore Ride. This shows that he’s passionate about getting new people introduced to the sport, and sharing great experiences.

Trevor works hard and truly deserves to take part in the BC Bike Race. The Kazlaw Award would be a very fitting way of giving back to him, the way he has giving back to the trails for years and years!