I would like to nominate Valerie Poborsa. She is the sweetest thing! Her passion for biking is obvious the minute you speak to her. She has been involved in the trail building community for four years. Val is devoted to trail building and is always out on a bike and getting dirty. One of the things she really enjoys is fixing drainage problems.

Val is a RIVER RAT. They are a group of hard working trail builders.  Along with her partner Chad, she has been a formidable builder in the “Eastern block” of the Cumberland trails. They built Rapture and Monday’s child, which are featured in the BCBR. Her first trail that she had some major input on was Thursdays Child (one of my favourite warm-up trails) She picked the line for Amore and loves pulling trails together to make them connect. When she is building with her partner they do not use power tools. One of her philosophies on trail building is to make it so the trail does not need to be constantly maintained and worked on so it will be sustainable.

Two years ago Val was invited to be on the trail maintenance committee and she goes out every Saturday for building and maintenance and also on Wednesday when she is not working.  When she isn’t busy riding her bike or doing maintenance she is volunteering with the “Ride Build Ride” club. They are a group of young trail builders that go out after school in the fall and spring to learn how to build and maintain the trails of Cumberland.