Jeff Riemer, Squamish BC

Jeff lives for adventure,  climbing mountains,  skiing great backcountry lines, bikepacking and of course exploring and competing on the mountain bike.   Jeff prefers mountain biking in its purest form: Exploring new places with long days in the saddle.  He has travelled to many parts of the world for adventuring and calls Squamish home.  Having been a part of BCBR from day 1 as a racer, course director, bike patrol member and race ambassador allows him to promote the event and sport of mountain biking from a unique insight.  Jeff is a professional engineer by trade and holds a board position on the Squamish Off Road Cycling Association (SORCA).

Jeff also designs and handcrafts custom timber furniture cut on an alaskan sawmill right out of his home in Squamish, you can view his wares on Instagram @tantalus_timbersmiths or contact him @jeffriemer.  If your looking for a souvenir when you leave Vancouver I’m not sure you could get anything more authentically BC than that.