Ron Faithfull, Las Vegas Nevada

In the Past 6 years i’ve participated and completed 5 BCBR’s.  The first year was a bucket list Item, then after that it became a yearly pilgrimage.  It was a good time to spend with family who live in BC, reconnect with my BCBR family and make new relationships with riders from around the world.  My grandson Greyson who is now 6 has been at all 5 races and rode in the kids race the past 3 years.  Such a thrill for a proud papa to watch and experience his growth and love for mountain biking.  Since he’s been able to talk he asks me every year, “Papa are we racing this year in the BCBR?”, hard not to say yes with that kind of motivation, not to mention a great week to spend with him my daughter and last year my granddaughter.

The most emotional stop on the BC Bike Race is always Day 1 Cumberland BC, lots of family & friends at the start/finish line.  It is also where my first daughter Jennifer was born and we hadn’t been back there for 30 years prior to year 1.  My favourite stop on the BCBR is alway Powell River, love the people the trails, and the Community there is truly excited to host everyone. The staff and volunteers are amazing at BCBR, they go out of there way to provide each and every racer the best experience possible.  I’m Humbled to be able to share a few of my thoughts with fellow racers and new racers looking to accomplish this adventure.  BCBR has created memories and friendships that will hold a special spot in my heart forever.