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BC Bike Race Tire Selection

BC Bike Race is a unique event; it may possibly be the only definitively multi-day trail bike event in the world. What does this mean? While many other events are deemed cross-country, they are carried out on cross-country trails. BC Bike Race is held on a myriad of blue square and black diamond trails. And by its very nature, roots, rocks, and mud abound. As with any travel adventure, barring your own inherent knowledge, stick with what the locals know/do.

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Interview: Shimano’s Joe Lawwill

“My only regret is not doing it sooner,” says Joe Lawwill about being a two-time BC Bike Race Finisher. We sat down with this ‘Shimano Marketing Guy’ to ask what life is like on the road and, after decades of involvement in the bike industry,...

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Ask Dre: Winter Training

It’s December and we are approaching a new year; this is a great time to set goals and begin a fresh page. But before we move forward, lets take an inventory; what did you do last summer? What have you been doing for the fall? And where are your strengths and weakness?

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