BC Ferries

logo-bcferries-blueBC Ferries connects the small Islands of British Columbia and Vancouver Island to the Mainland. Without BC Ferries the views and waterbound people’s of British Columbia would not be accessible. Taking a trip on BC Ferries is an amazing way to feel the vibe and culture of this coastal region. There is no better way to travel and experience BC than on board a ferry. Imagine seeing a pod of Orcas (killer whales) humpback whales, Pacific grey whales or Pacific Blue Nose Porpoises all in their natural habitat, this is travelling first class.

BC Ferries has been a partner with BC Bike Race since 2007. During the course of the event, participants will travel on four ferries that link to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and back to the mainland. For participants of BC Bike Race this experience is an awesome full-blown tour of the beautiful coastal waters of British Columbia.

While BC Ferries is the main transportation connection to the thriving communities throughout most the year, for one week of the year BC Ferries hosts the international BC Bike Race contingent to a seamless travel schedule. It is this relationship that makes the BC Bike Race so internationally famous and world-renowned.