Clif Bar

Clif bar, much like BC Bike Race started on a bike ride.   Founder, Gary, took a bite of another energy bar and thought to himself “I could make a better bar than this”.  BC Bike Race, President Dean Payne, was out riding and dreamt of putting on the best bike race in the world and contacted Andreas Hestler, the two put their heads together and BC Bike Race was formed in 2009

Clif bar has for six years been the tasty healthy staple to fuel our racers. The ingredients are from organically grown toxic, pesticides and chemicals free products, Clif bar recognize it’s better for the planet, the body and the soul.  With proper education we inform our racers of when to eat the carbs, the protein and the sugars.    All very important aspects of fueling for a race but the sequence must be respected if the racer wants best results.

The unmistakable clif tents and arch put a sigh of relief on many faces as racers pull In for some much needed fuel.  With a very busy event, athlete and community schedule we are very excited to have these guys return year after year to be part of the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.