Harbour AirHarbour Air Seaplanes

Harbour Air is the founding sponsor of BC Bike Race and the worlds largest seaplane airline. Harbour Air connects the mainland and rural communities of British Columbia with a unique flying experience and the visual glory of BC’s wild outdoors. ¬†Whether commuting, traveling or booking a private charter, Harbour Air believes everyone deserves a first class experience.

Harbour Air’s initial belief in the concept of BC Bike Race started in late 2006 and was the initial support for all that BC Bike Race has become. Without the faith of owner Greg McDougal the BC Bike Race may have never happened. Greg is a frequent participant in the BC Bike Race with the full support of his family, staff and friends. He usually drags a few newbies/work colleagues to experience something he knows first hand will change their lives.

Each year on Day 3 Harbour Air flies fifty lucky participants to the beginning of the Queen stage - what a way to travel and see the scenic geography of the Sunshine coast and British Columbia.