logo-RockyMountain-2016Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Rocky has always been about the ride, their tag line “Love the Ride” embodies along with their athletes a core belief in the absolute bottom line - it’s about the bike, the trail and the people you share that experience with!

It is these values that make their bikes so exceptional and what makes the partnership between these two BC companies such a natural. BC Bike Race is fairly new to the Mountain Bike world having started in 2007 and you might think they absorbed some of those character values from the surrounding culture and influencers like Rocky Mountain Bikes - but every great bike needs a great event to show off in and we are stoked to share the trail with Rocky Mountain Bikes.

Rocky Mountain Bikes was founded in Vancouver BC in 1981, they are just about to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Rocky is one of the worlds original Mountain Bike Manufacturers and you can see the influence of the North Shore in both their bikes and the history within the global mountain bike market.