“To Build Closer Relationships Between People, Nature, and Bicycles”, this is one of the main driving statements of this amazing company.  Shimano is dedicated to creating high-quality and high-performance components that are the very bones of the BC Bike Race experience. Without the on course support provided by Shimano, a crash could end in a long day of walking, but thanks to the two Tech Zones staffed and supplied by Shimano, everyone is ensured finishing and upon completion a better appreciation for nature and the experience a mountain bike can provide.

The long lasting partnership between BC Bike Race and Shimano is about sharing a philosophy and putting it into action for the racers who’s bikes and bodies need to survive the rigorous physical and mechanical test served up this event.

BC Bike Race is one of the best places to test mountain bike equipment and the limits of the human body - allowing the racers to focus on their experience is what flawless excellence is all about.