Get Involved

Being involved with BCBR is a great experience. We have lots of awesome volunteer positions available for BC Bike Race, both full week and daily positions!

Reed Melton, Bike Patrol
“So many great memories after four years racing and three years bike patrolling it is impossible to pick one story! I love the sense of accomplishment I feel being a small part of such a hard working, talented group of people. It is humbling to be invited back every year”

Katrina Danielak. Tent Team
“BC Bike Race it’s like summer camp for adults! It’s so much fun and so unique! I spend the year counting down until BCBR. There’s BCBR, and then there’s the other days of the year”

Erik Peterson, Media Team
BCBR It’s an incredible way to challenge myself professionally, creatively, physically and mentally. It’s SO much fun - there’s always something going on and someone new to meet. It’s a way for me to share my home with people from all over the world.

That the majority of the staff are the same year to year, and even though they may not work or live together throughout the year, they come together for the BCBR and it’s like no time has passed and everyone is instantly best friends again.

Chris Blair, Moto Team
I come back every year because of the great crew and friends, the BC Bike race is an ultimate working vacation, and I love that I get  to support people in reaching goals, thrive on daily challenges and problem solving

It is a lifetime of experiences, packed into 7 days!

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