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Aid Stations

We will have up to two Aid Stations set up per day to feed and water you along the way. And, if distance or hot weather conditions dictate, we may add more stations during a stage.

Drinks : Water, Electrolyte Drink, Red Bull Energy

Food: Fruit, Cookies, Chips, Protein treats, Clif bars, shots bloks and gels. Items may vary.

Aid Stations will also function as check points for Course Control purposes and the enforcement of Race Rules.

Note: We will not be able to stage personal food/water supplies for racers at any of the Aid Stations. You must be self-sufficient when it comes to bringing specific personal nutritional supplies.

Shimano Tech Service

Shimano has been a great partner for BC Bike Race, but when they asked if they could be on course to help out - we really knew that their hearts and minds were in the right place. Shimano has been offering neutral service for 4 years, they populate and fully stock 2 complete Tech Tents that are located out on course and alongside the Feed Zones - “getting each and every racer through to the finish line is our daily goal.” said Shimano representative Ben Pye. And this is what you can look forward to - two tech zones on Day 1-6 and one on Day 7 - Thanks Shimano

Feature Trails

The BC Bike Race evaluates our course design and rider experience with regularity. From time to time, we adjust the elements offered on-course in order to achieve our goal of being the best mountain bike stage race in the world. In our evaluation of the Enduro classification we have concluded that it impedes the flow and positioning of racers over the course of each stage. Angst caused by the bunching up of riders with mixed skill-sets in timed sections has proven to be an overall deterrent in delivering the ultimate single track racing experience.

Therefore, the Enduro is being replaced with a new product called Feature Trails for 2015. These signature trails in each community will be signed to make sure racers know that what lies ahead is the ‘best of the best’. We have removed timing from this element in order to maintain the naturally ordered pacing of the seven day stage race. As always, we encourage racers to shralp the trails as hard as they wish while maintaining a positive vibe!

Course Marking

Course Marking at BCBR is achieved with a consistent style from Day 1-7. There are many kinds of ribbon in the BC forests from years of logging and route finding by prospectors.  In keeping with that heritage BCBR uses a 3 inch wide bright pink ribbon, its size and Bear on Bike (BCBR) branding make it very distinct from any other bush litter. It is put up with enough regularity to make riders feel attached to the course without disturbing the natural beauty of our forests wherever possible. As riders approach turns ribbons become more densely placed. At the turn riders will see three ribbons dangling on the side of the trail or road that the turn must be made. Once a rider makes the turn a confirmation ribbon will be in a sightline. Never pass a trail junction or road junction without taking note of ribbons, and you will never get lost. Have fun!

Jeff Stromgren - BC Bike Race
Director, Course Management

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