During his 20-year pro riding career, Ryan Leech performed thousands of stunt shows around the world, including Cirque du Soleil, IMBA World Summit, and Crankworx. He is credited with evolving the boundaries of trials riding and has appeared in numerous riding films, including Crux and the Kranked series. Now officially retired from demonstration riding, he continues to share his expertise with riders from around the world through the Ryan Leech Connection, an online training platform that teaches MTB skills through a unique blend of step-by-step video progressions and personalized coach feedback.

Ryan is a BC Bike Race Alumni and has also traveled with the event as a yoga instructor. Learn more about Ryan‘s online skills coaching here.

Instructional by Ryan videos available above:

  • Pedal Position for Confident Cornering
  • Manual Front Wheel Lifts
  • Getting Airborne
  • Downhill Braking & Body Position
  • Steep Switchback Bailoff
  • Climbing Short Steep Slopes
  • Slow Speed Pedal Ratchets

Darren Butler of Endless Biking, one of our community partners, has put together a couple of videos offering tips on technical mountain biking. Endless Biking also offers an extensive array of Mountain Bike Skill Lessons and Tours. They even offer Pre-Ride sessions of our North Vancouver course. You can find all of the information online here.