We are here to enhance your race week experience! We set the gold standard for the services we offer and are proud of the level of expertise among our practitioners - who are all ready to help you have the best week of your life!

Come see us to:

  • Reduce fatigue at the end of each race day
  • Kill those muscle cramps
  • Boost your endurance, speed, and power
  • Heal injuries that arise during race week
  • Manage existing injuries with qualified sports-therapy professionals
  • Get over crashes more quickly
  • Get the most out of riding our world-class sweet single track
  • Enjoy your days, rather than just suffering through them
  • Work smarter, not harder

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have a team of 25 highly trained sports therapists on site every day. Our team includes:

  • Registered Massage Therapists
  • Chiropractic Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

We will work with you to find the root cause of your discomfort, so you can get back out on course the next day in the best state possible!

30 min massage: $83
30 min physiotherapy: $83
20 min chiropractic: $58
60 min Initial acupuncture: $113
60 min follow up acupuncture: $93
30 min single pain: $73
40 min naturopathic (vitamin) IV: $153
*Prices do not include taxes.

How do we work? Create an account with us on Day 0 registration, then come to our Wellness area in every base camp on the day you want treatment and we will get you in. It’s that easy!

Our professional front-end staff will see that your appointments are booked, paid for, and organized for an exceptionally easy and pleasant experience. For those of you who need receipts for extended health care benefits, we will email them to you with all the info you need to submit for reimbursement.

We also offer complementary rollers and stretch mats you can use at any time, whether you are receiving a treatment or not, plus citrus water to keep you hydrated while you wait.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about our Wellness Department.